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Outside the box

Jávea Evangelical Church has always operated ‘outside the box’.

They established the first ‘Village Hall’ or ‘Community Centre’ in Jávea and called it ‘Oasis Centre’, offering Spanish lessons at 100€ for 50 hours tuition, over 5 grades, for more than 10 years. The premises were used by local Groups and Associations for their large (100 chairs) meetings, and a “Static Boot Sale” – without cars – brought so many newcomers to the church that 11 were baptised by total immersion at the end of the first year.

In response to demand from the bereaved and engaged couples, Bishop Clive (it’s a long story) has officiated in more than 30 ceremonies (as well as Sunday services) for more than 20 years. Pastor Ann was chosen as Senior Pastor of a new Ministry Team where those with a ‘calling’ or ‘gift from God’s Holy Spirit’ are welcomed to find purpose and fulfilment.

Three local suicides in 10 days brought Jávea Evangelical Church back to the Port (next to La Caixa Bank) when it opened ‘Oasis Help Centre’ where to encourage those with needs to find answers, more than 60,000 greeting cars are offered at 1€ each. At the rear of the church a large Instant Print Factory has been established, offering Canvas prints and 4-colour flyers and magazines, as well as personalised items, rubber stamps, printed garments and the hire of items needed urgently by the disabled or families of your children.

Jávea Evangelical Church not only offers a totally different way of reaching into the community, but welcomes those visiting Javea or who live here. If God has given you a ministry – we’ll welcome and encourage you.

Pay us a visit – you’ve nothing to lose (but it would be better if you didn’t come with any pre-conceived expectations) – other than that we Thank God for providing Jesus as the Saviour for sinners.

The next move – like in chess – is yours.