The end of one year – 2015

Following his resignation as Pastor on Easter Morning 2015, Clive remains a valued member of the new Ministry Team that has Ann as its elected Senior Pastor. Clive spoke on Christmas morning, using as his theme the Old Testament prophecy and New Testament fulfilment, that God would send Jesus to be the Light of the World. A few hours later it would be the theme of H.M. Queen’s broadcast. Clive had previously distributed as Primate of the the Christmas greeting of the Queen’s elder son Charles, which prompted a reader to ask why Charles does not declare his faith in Christ, as does his mother. The answer is that Charles is a product of his own generation, preferring to be ‘Defender of the Faiths’ rather than of Christianity. How many times has he been to an evangelistic rally or meeting? A close confident of the Right Reverend Charles Chartres, one wonders on the quality of Scriptural advice given to the man who was born to succeed his mother to the throne, but had a adulterous affair with a divorced woman he later married. If was never permitted to hear the Gospel of Freedom and Forgiveness, is it any wonder so that he seems so consumed by his own power to influence the world. Two days later, Bishop Josep Rosello (a former member of the OASIS congregation) visited Spain with his wife Patrice and daughter Natalia, and spoke of the needs of Brasil where they now live, but where Jesus still needs to be shone as the only permanent cure for darkness. 2015 was an outstanding year on so many fronts.